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How do you feel about e-readers? Would you rather read an actual, physical book? Why do you prefer one over the other?
I LOVE going to bookstores, I love combing the shelves and choosing books, the feel of books in my hand, the smell of books. I also like the looks of my shelves at home filled with favorite books I have read that I couldn't stand to part with and a stack or three waiting to be read. Books make spaces more cozy.

But, with an ereader I can, and do, carry hundreds of books with me at all times; finish one or it's not holding my interest, instantly start another. The ereader is lighter and easier to handle than most books, takes up less room in my purse or pocket and has many other conveniences, like enlarging the print at night after a day on the computer when my eyes are tired, instead of straining them further. I also like the convenience of ordering a book I hear about instantly an diving in, instead of waiting to drive into the next city, since all the bookstores in my small town closed years ago.

I will never lose my love for my oldest friends, books, but the ereader certainly makes life easier and we are developing quite a close relationship, too.
reading sherlock

Merlin Big Bang Masterpost - The Edge of Darkness

Big Bang Story: The Edge of Darkness (Masterpost)

Title: The Edge of Darkness
Author: mialoco 

Summary: Arthur has struggled to gain his father's acceptance, but it has always seemed to evade him except in the area of fighting, where he has always shined whether magical beasts, bandits, invaders, or just tournaments. After the dragon attack, his father seems less than impressed with him in that area, as well. As Camelot starts to rebuild, Arthur is determined to prove to his father that he has what it takes to be the future king. When the children and young adults in the Lower Town and an outlying village start acting in strange and disturbing ways, Uther is sure that it is the result of sorcery. This, added to the fact that Morgana is still missing after Morgause stole her away, drives Uther's determination to wipe sorcery from Camelot with troubling results. As Uther starts to break under the pressure and refuses to look further than sorcery for the cause, it is up to Arthur to step up. As he tries to find a cause before the future of Camelot is wiped out Arthur has to come to terms with whether his father's pride in him is as important to him as developing into a King in which he himself can be proud. When Merlin starts displaying the same symptoms Arthur must make even harder choices.

Warnings: Violence, Lots of minor character death (children) mentioned from both illness and executions, some symptoms and effects of illness, mentions of blood and loss of limbs though no graphic description.
Spoilers: Season 1 and 2
Genres: Pre-Slash (Merlin/Arthur despite my fighting it all the way), AU, Canon era - takes place between Seasons 2 and 3
Rating: PG 13 to be safe for some topics
Word Count: 54.500
Disclaimer: The Arthurian Legends are in public domain, but I do not own the interpretation that BBC Merlin has given to it nor the characters. I just like to play around with them for my own amusement and make no money from it.

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